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Alex Right

Подробная информация:
Биография: My name is Alex Right. I'm 21 years old. I'm from Ukraine. I have been making music for 6 years. I graduated from music school in guitar, by the way I am an excellent student. He was magically inspired to make music. I started writing music based on knowledge after music school. One beatmaker friend advised me to try Fl Studio and I never regretted his advice. I have been writing music for 5 years in genres such as House, Alternatives, Progressive, Bass, Tech. I have 2 years of experience as a DJ. I play a controller DDJ-SB 3? but plan to buy a new one. I love sports and eat wellenjoy. Follow me in soundcloud and instagram. Rate my works. Enjoy
Страна проживания: Украина
Город проживания: Днепр
Мобильний: 0675438282
Жанры в которых работает: dance/electronic
Работы автора:
  • Alex_Right_-_Arnold
  • Alex_Right_-_Sinatra